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February 18, 2012
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Discored Returns

Discord Returns
                       "Dinky,Derpy you ready". "Ready Doctor" Dinky answered. Derpy ran out of the TARDIS door. She walked back in with a big pan of muffins     they were blueberry her favorite kind. "Ready now" she said as she stuffed tons of muffins in her mouth. She ran and closed the door so they could go. He pulled the lever and press the bottons. The Doctor was just getting used to his new  whooves and pressed the wrong botten . The whole TARDIS shook like an earthquake. It finally stopped "Is every pony OK,Derpy,Ditzy" he called off. "Were fine"Derpy answered". "Well lets see were we are" Derpy opened the door it was like a museum. But the first thing that caught her eye was a muffin. "YAY a muffin" derpy said. "Derpy don't touch it, it's a trap. he screamed. She touched the muffin and the terrible happened. SWOOSH. A bright yellow light came around her. "whats happening to mommy" asked Ditzy. "Its like she never existed". he said."Don't worry muffin well fix this OK, I love you and goodbye doctor. "MOM". SHH and she was gone. Ditzy started to cry. He ran up behind her and gave her a big hug
The room was pitch black dark she could not see her own hoof in front of her face. "Doctor ,Ditzy I will miss you" she started to cry.
"mommy" ditzy cried. "What a poor little filly, she doesn't even remember why she is crying". Said a strange but fimiler voice. Than a cloud if dust appeared and there he was Discord."Why are you doing this" asked the Doctor. " I was doing the world a favor, a pony as clumsy and silly as her does not belong here". " I still remember her" said a quiet voice with a hint of sadness. "Huh what was that"."You cant erase my mom from existence because I'LL never forget her, the doctor will never forget her, Carrot top and raindrops will never forget her, all of her friends will never forget her, NO PONY WILL NEVER FORGET HER" she screamed. FLASH "mommy MOMMY" she ran and gave her mom a big kiss."geez this ponies and there boring power of friendship, im out of here"."Oh no you don't" said the doctor pulling a freeze ray (From somewhere). "Good thing i kept this handy". "Can we go home now". asked Dinky. "Yes we can"

:iconVarietyChickplz: I thank for helping me figure out how to do this
And this is based of of :iconFadriplz:
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thelastgunslinger23 Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not bad for a short story, there are a couple of spelling mistakes and some wrong words, but a good story anyways.
thanks so much
You mean :iconvarietychick: and :iconfadri:?

I changed my signature! :la:
yes yes i do
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